Welcome to this new space for educators to discuss, collaborate and share resources as we teach through the pandemic (or support educators). This group is open to anyone who is interested in sharing their experience teaching during the pandemic, sharing and receiving feedback on an assignment/project/digital tool you want to try, discuss the impact of the pandemic and teaching online during shelter in place order, writing about teaching or education in relation to COVID19, collaborating with other educators.

This week I would love to open up discussion about sustainability during/after the pandemic:

In light of the current global crisis, how might we re-consider the role of sustainability in our lives, disciplines and practice as an educator?

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  1. John Ongley

    Nice idea for a site – I would like to read what others teaching online this semester think about it. [My first take: teaching online is even more like herding cats that teaching in person.] Concerning your suggested topic, I apologize for my lack of sophistication in educational theory, but what is “sustainability,” especially in enforced, emergency online teaching. Sustain what? Anyway, what are *your* thoughts on this? Maybe that will explain to me what you mean by it.

    Here’s another suggestion for discussion: I see comments about cuts coming. At least some attribute this to students not returning. The Chronicle refers to “deep revenue losses.” But this can’t be right. Enrollment always increases during a recession and it looks like we are headed for a deep recession.

    There could be other reasons for cuts. What are they? And are there alternative responses besides cuts? I know this is just a metaphor but still – it seems to me that in academia, triage usually doesn’t work. Colleges and universities have to grow their way out of economic difficulties or you go down, down, down.

    John Ongley


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